Increase new listing inventory – with an innovative app, appropriately named “Before they list,” which acts as a catalyst to encourage homeowners to list by providing  data points and information on their property as evaluated by local real estate practitioners; agents within your office. This social tool is used to gauge interest from other agents in your office, to determine market viability, which may be used to help generate a listing agreement.

Clearly, many homeowners are on the fence.  The “Before They ListTM” App will allow them to gain timely insight to the sales potential of their property in the current market, and make an informed decision of whether to sell…and at what price”

Scott O’Connor of RE/MAX Advantage of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Before They List App

Agents Communicate Potential Available Homes…

Before They List App
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  • Agent to Agent Communication of potential new listings
  • New posts auto notify all agents within a Broker office
  • Information is not public or available to other offices
  • Full contact information provided for the posting agent
  • Broker admin included to manage agents and posts
  • Feedback allows homeowners the ability to make an informed decision
  • Ability to show buyers potential future inventory

Optional integrated Marketing

Before You List™ is the consumer facing lead generation counterpart to Before They List™ .

Your office is marketed on Facebook and other sites to engage consumers in a conversation “Before They List™”. Exclusive leads are captured and integrated into the Before They List application. Marketing budgets start at $100.

As seen on Realty Times

Listing Inventory Wanted

Consumers and their agents would like to crowdsource opinions about the marketability of a home before they decide to list it. Before They List™ is a product designed for brokers. The solution allows agents to get feedback from other agents in their office on a listing before the listing agreement is signed by the seller.
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